Yuki Azumi is a Japanese artist who resides in Princeton, NJ in the United States. Yuki was born and raised in Miyagi, Japan. After graduating from Miyagi Gakuin High school one of the regionsí prestige private school in Miyagi, Japan in 1995, Yuki have studied under well-known great master print maker artist Dr. Art Werger at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia and mastered the art of drawing from him. There, Yuki grasped the concept of careful observation is the foundation of any good drawing from him.

In spite of being a foreign national, Yuki was offered Art Merit Scholarship for her outstanding Art talent from West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV. She appreciated the recognition of her talent and accepted the invitation and was awarded with fine art merit scholarship until her graduation with B.A in Studio Art in 2000: concentration in Painting & Drawing.

Highlight of her academic endeavor was two major academic adventures in Italy and Nepal.

Yuki studied at SACI (Studio Art Centers International) in Florence, Italy. There, she met countless gifted fellow student artists of many different backgrounds, talent, and academic levels throughout the world. Among many were from France, Spain, United States, Armenia, Russia, Korea, and more. Students were from Princeton University, Duke, Art institute of Chicago, Art institute of Maryland, Stanford, Yale, and more. Students of various concentrations in Art such as Art History, Industrial design, architecture, Studio Art (Oil Painter, Sculptor, lithographer, photographer, Fresco Painter, jewelry maker) B.A, B.F.A., M.A, M.F.A., PhDs and postgraduate study.

Not only it was her enlightened moment in her academic experience but also getting positive influence by portrait painter Justin who uses only primary colors and white and create a master piece portrait, architect Taeís precise drawing showcasing importance in detailed and diligent nature of technology of art meet science in architecture, and many others not to mention the full of inspiration from the city of Florence.

Yuki also conducted unique Tibetan Textile study independently for college full credits equivalent to a class. She is highly passionate about producing sophisticated elegant fine art that is attractive to oneís eye.  Her nature of love in producing fine art as well as academic achievement was well recognized as a result of making Deanís list every semester. Perhaps that is the reason why the Art Department chairman Prof. Margo Davis at WVWC granted Yukiís proposal of independent study. Yuki conducted a research on Tibetan carpet designs and historical background. After gaining basic knowledge on Tibetan carpet, Yuki made a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal where many Tibetan reside today after the historical invasion by Chinese government in 1950s. She stayed in one of monastery with Rinpoche of Tibetan Buddhism and his family. After observing production of carpet by hand by Tibetan ladies Yuki has clearly noticed the two distinctive version of Tibetan carpet, One being very traditional and the one being much lighter shade and consisted with muted tones. Yuki conducted interviews with carpet businessman to discuss about the traditional design versus trends in design. She wondered why. She looked for a definitive answer. There was a clear influence of current world market demand that was threatening the traditional designs and colors. Market demands and the reality of very difficult hard life of third world was forcing the market to create something that can be sold well rather than preserving the original beauty of Tibetan tradition. 

Her studio began in 2007, and continues to serve for the traditional custom fine art needs such as paintings and drawings in portrait, landscape, and architecture.  Along with traditional fine art services, we offer custom company logo design, interior design consultation, framing service of original painting as well. Besides the traditional fine art services, we also offer interior fine art painting service to greater Princeton NJ area for residential and commercial properties to accommodate needs such as custom mural, interior faux painting needs.

Yukiís grandfather who was a vet, medicine inventor, as well as board of education, and poet named her Yuki. It sounds snow in Japanese. He also selected the character describing her name that symbolizes and means rejoice of liberty. She was born in winter. Her mission is to create sophisticated and elegant works of Fine Art that is pleasant to our senses.

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