We care about our artwork.  Because we know what is harmful to a drawing... 
For a drawing, Ultra Violet ray, acid adhesive and paper are a few enemy surrounding our lives.  Among many art forms, a drawing is one of the most lovely, sensitive, and delicate art form. 
For added protection, a frame we offer for drawing, features total archival level of protection that you see normally at Museum.  The frame includes UV protective glass, acid free archival mat, and backing.  The frame system will protect our original drawing from pollutant and harmful UV ray.  The drawing will be protected with adequate care with this added feature offering system.  Adequate care means avoiding direct sunshine, excessive low or high humidity and temperature.  From a museological standpoint, such environmental condition care is the key to preserve fine art.  In addition, we also use archival art strip to properly position the original drawing for the best composition for each original drawing.  The archival art strip is acid free as well as the drawing is NOT attached to the adhesive by 100%.  Normally, adhesive causes damage to a paper in over time results in discoloration of paper.  The drawing is simply held properly by the transparent film to protect the original drawing from damage by regular kind of adhesive. 



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